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ProPlus Awning clips 3-piece model 2

- For screwless attachment of additional roof beams in the awning or awning - Installation without drilling - Almost suitable for all tents and awnings that have a double tendon - Robust and lightweight nylon plastic - Set of 3 pieces

Awning fixing clips anti-flapping set of 2 pieces

The Awning De-flapper is designed to stop the awning for flapping in the wind. This will help to protect it from wind damage and water pooling. The De-flapper can be connected to an awning pole or guyline by the straps. Features
  • Protects the awning material from wind damage whilst preventing noisy wind flapping
  • Non-marking grips protect the awning fabric
  • Universal fit
  • Pack of 2
  • Can be connected to an awing pole or guyline (guyline not supplied)

Outwell Daytona Air Bus Awning

The clever and versatile Outwell Daytona Air drive-away annex is a single compartment dome tent design with a large living area behind the large window in the front entrance. Two side entrances provide flexible entry and exit and good ventilation. In addition, a side entrance on one side of the updated Link Access Zone System expands access options. *Available to Pre-Order - Lead time 7-10 days.*