Some great camping products at discount prices

Dalmation Print Dog Bandana

4.95 3.95
Nothing says cool like a dog bandana. Lovely Dalmatian print dog banada for your favourite furry friend. See full description for more info.

Hoco, J73 Powerbank with Table Lamp, 30,000mAh – White

54.95 44.95
Powerbanks are great for charging your phone on the move or when you don't have electricity.  The Hoco J73 is a must for campers, especially when off grid. This one comes complete with a handy built in table lamp. 1. Capacity: 30000mAh 111Wh. Rated capacity: 17700mAh. 2. Input: Micro-USB / Type-C / Lightning: 5V / 2A. 3. Output: total output 5V / 2A, single port 5V / 2A. 4. Display: LED digital display of power level. 5. Material: ABS + PC flame-retardant material + lithium polymer battery. 6. Sizes: 166*81*32mm. Weight: 667g. 7. With lanyard, dual output, three inputs, with lamp.

Thetford Power Pods

31.95 29.95
With the user-friendly PowerPods®, the days of under- or overdosing on toilet fluid are long gone. These innovative pods not only simplify the process of emptying your tank by liquefying waste, but they also ensure excellent odour control. The trusted power of Thetford liquids in one dose. User-friendly PowerPods, small and effective. These items can provide an efficient dosage for up to 5 days - Due to the new high-performance perfume lock technology encapsulated in this product. This means you can experience the great fragrance you have come to expect from Thetford Heritage. - 1 dose is sufficient for up to 5 days - Superior odour control - Reduces gas formation - Liquefies waste for easy tank emptying


24.95 19.95
2 Heat settings: 1000W and 2000W Carry handle for added portability Built-in overheat protection safety feature Power indicator light. Adjustable Thermostat