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Maypole Lithium Ion Handheld Digital Cordless Compressor.

Suitable for bikes, inflatables, motorcycles, cars, trailers, caravans, vans and motorhomes
  •  Lithium Ion Handheld Digital Compressor
  • Practical handheld design
  • Suitable for bikes, inflatables, motorcycles, cars, trailers, caravans, vans and motorhomes
  • Inflation time in under 5mins (0-36PSI/175/65/R14 tyre)

Maypole Handheld Air Compressor 12V

12v handheld analogue compressor with LED light can maintain and monitor tyre pressure anywhere and anytime. It is essential for your safety and fuel efficiency.
  • High speed inflation – 3.5 mins (0-36PSI/175/65/R14)
  • Large precision analogue display (PSI/Bar)
  • Super bright LED night light
  • Practical handheld design
  • Portable and compact
  • See full details below.

Maypole Smart Air Compressor Pump

Fast Emergency Inflation -
  • Slimline and compact design
  • Suitable for bikes, cars, motorcycles, inflatables and sport balls
  • Fast emergency inflation.
  • Powerful 2,000mAh lithium ion battery
  • Pressure range 0 -150PSI
  • Automatic pre set shut off
  • Built in power bank for mobile phone charging

Vechline Caloroso Electric Heater

These Vechline ceramic fan heaters are compact and, due to their low power, ideal for use at the campsite. Nice to use during chilly days in the caravan, camper, awning and also in small student rooms. The heater can heat a small space in no time. Reliable and safe due to the tip-over protection. The heaters are also equipped with thermal protection to prevent overheating. The heaters have a ventilation setting (cold air) and 2 heat settings: - Position I = Low heat 750W - Position II = High heat 1500W

Vechline Table Lamp GLEAM

The GLEAM is a decorative table lamp and has a timeless shape due to its sleek square base and cone-shaped shade. It is equipped with 14 LEDs, the warm light of which is emitted downwards and partly upwards. The controls are located on the base; You can turn the lamp on and off using the touch switch. Press and hold the touch for a moment and you can adjust the brightness as desired. The charging station is located on the side of the base, where you can charge the lamp with the supplied USB-C cable, but you can also charge a phone or tablet via the USB input.

2 Way Pyramid Levelling Device with Magnet

• 2 way Pyramid spirit leveller with Magnet • In plastic casing • Allows you to level caravan at both sides, front and back

Vechline Folding Rechargeable Fan

Foldable fan in a beautiful design, almost silent even when used in the highest position. The front can be removed to clean the blades. Rechargeable via USB cable (included) in 5.5 hours. Operates between 4-23.5 hours, depending on the mode used. Has 4 positions: Length [cm] 95.5 Diameter [Øcm] 19.7
Cord length [cm] 150
In/folded length [cm] 9.3
Adjustable From-To 9.3-95.5
Type Battery/Battery - Lithium

Power Line Socket USB Charger 2x 2.4A

Power Line Socket USB Charger 2x 2.4A with cover

12 Volt Socket Uni

Power Line 12V socket with cover.

One Hole Square Panel Mount

One Hole Square Panel Mount for DC Power Meters, Switches, Gauges, Plugs Designed to hold one compatible panel mount product for easy mounting and installation  

12V + 2x USB Charger Built-in Black

Socket 12V with 2x USB charger; 1x 1A and 1x 2.1A. 2 USB 5V sockets (1A and 2.1A) 12V socket LED power indicator Panel mounting Rubber protection caps Colour: Black